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Baja Pass Savings ePass covers a 2-for-1 on all of our main course dishes, excluding the tostadas. A great way to save while you dine at Wachinango's. It's great to bring a companion and only pay for one! Baja Pass covers other Restaurants, 2-for-1 on Activities, and 50% on Fishing Boats & Luxury Yachts for only $75, downloadable to your smartphone.


Buy the Baja Pass online hassle-free at

Baja Pass Savings Boat & Yacht rental in Cabo

Created with the idea of eliminating price hassling to get the best price available. There are no coupons, and each Baja Pass can be used at the same place as many times as you need. Upon becoming a member, you will receive a unique e-pass via e-mail. Which can be used at activities, fishing charters, restaurants, and professional services - whichever you desire, Baja Pass has you covered.

Here at Baja Pass, we believe there's a better way to see and discover Baja, so we've created a pass that'll help you do just that - with less! Access a network of members with 50% off at every type of Activity there is to offer, as well as 2-for-1 on Main Dishes at select Restaurants, Fishing Boats, and Luxury Yachts for half the price, and many add-ons to professional services offered in the area. Forget carrying anything with you or hassling a price to find out someone else got a better offer. We give you access to that and more and all within your smartphone.

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